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Tablet crusher SEVERO electric

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Electric tablet crusher SEVERO, crusher. Extremely strong, it is possible to prepare large quantities of tablets in a short time. Suitable for nursing homes, boarding houses, hospitals.

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Product Description

Many people have trouble swallowing pills. Grinding the pills into powder and mixing them with a liquid makes it easier to take medicines.

Manual grinding of medicine is an extra action that takes time but also leads to physical complaints. In addition, unwanted dust formation can occur, with possible damage to health.

Severo – fast and convenient

With the electric medicine grinder Severo, all these problems are a thing of the past. It is as simple as it gets. Put the medicine in the special SeveroCup, place it in the grinder, close the hatch, and in an instant the medication will be available as a powder again. The SeveroCup can also be used to mix the medicine with a liquid.

Safe and economical

Did you know that grinding one paracetamol already requires a pressure of more than 21 kg? Electric grinding of medication prevents a lot of physical suffering and saves time. That means more hands on the bed. In an age of increasing demand for care and workload, this is an important gain. The danger of dust inhalation is also kept to a minimum by the closed system. The Severo is that safe.

The Severo electric medicine grinder is now available at The device thus meets a demonstrable need.

Avoid stress on the patient and yourself. Experience the benefits of the electric medicine grinder. Request a free trial placement today. You will have the Severo ready for use within a few days. After a short instruction you can get started right away. Or rather, the Severo will get to work for you!

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Tablet crusher SEVERO electric
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395,00 € 508,20 € You Save: 113,20 €
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