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4 PCS of AteroLip complex N90 better price!

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Food supplement AteroLip complex capsules (90 daily doses). The best price in Lithuania. Give it a try. Aterolip is currently very popular in Lithuania. VALID until 2026.01

Price per Unit (vnt): 71,00 €
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Product Description

4 PCS of AteroLip N90 Cheaper!

Better price in Lithuania.

AteroLip complex

More on the effect of red yeast rice on cholesterol
Food supplement - 90 capsules.

Turmeric extract contained in AteroLip® complex caps helps to maintain normal cholesterol levels

in the blood, the activity of the cardiovascular system, as well as to normalize the liver lipid content. Choline helps maintain normal lipids

and homocysteine metabolism. Niacin helps maintain normal energy metabolism. 20% olive leaf extract consists of hydroxytyrosol, which is a polyphenolic compound.

In the recommended daily dose (1 capsule) RMV*
Choline bitartrate, of which choline 41.3% 200 mg (82.6 mg choline)
of which monacolin K 5%Rice fermented with red yeast, from 59.8 mg (2.99 mg monacolin K)
Standardized European olive leaf dry extract of which hydroxytyrosol 20% 25 mg (5 mg hydroxytyrosol)
Dry extract of turmeric rhizomes, from of which curcumin 95% 20 mg (19 mg curcumin)
Niacin 16 mg NE 16 mg NE (100 %)
Policosanol, of which octacosanol 60% 10.0 mg (6 mg octacosanol)

*RMV - reference nutritional value

Ingredients: choline bitartrate, inulin, gelatin (capsule shell), red yeast (Monascus purpureus) fermented rice powder (5% monacolin K), standardized dry extract of European olive (Olea europea) leaves 150:1 (polyphenol hydroxytyrosol 20%), dry turmeric (Curcuma longa) rhizome extract 50:1 (curcumin 95%), niacin (nicotinic acid), policosanol (octacosanol 60%), magnesium salts of fatty acids (tack regulator), dyes iron oxides).

Usage: adults are recommended to take 1 capsule per day. It is recommended to use for 6 months.

Warnings: do not use the food supplement if there is a high sensitivity (allergy) to some of the product's components. Food the supplement should not be used as a meal replacement. A varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are important. Do not exceed established recommended doses. Daily intake of monacolins obtained from red yeast-fermented rice should be less than 3 mg. Should not be used by pregnant or lactating women, under 18 years of age and over 70 years of age. You should not use if you are taking cholesterol-lowering medications or other products that contain red yeast fermented rice. If you have health problems, consult your doctor before using this product doctor. Keep out of the reach of children.

Store at room temperature in the original packaging, away from direct sunlight.

Net content: 53.6 g

Manufacturer: Lotos Pharma Ltd, Pernavas 1-39, Riga, LV-1012, Latvia.

Representative in Lithuania: Lotos pharma UAB, Savanorių pr. 178A, LT-03154 Vilnius.

Country of origin: EU.

Batch no.

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4 PCS of AteroLip complex N90  better price!
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