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3 PCS of Cutasept Feet 250 ml CAEPER!

-31,18 €
3 PCS of Cutasept Feet 250 ml CAEPER!
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3 PCS of Cutasept Feet 250 ml CAEPER! Reliably and quickly protects against fungi and bacteria. Cooling and refreshing.

Price per Unit (vnt): 29,00 € 60,18 € You Save: 31,18 €
Number of units in packaging:5
Product Description

Cutasept® feet Reviving foot spray.

Twofold effect: footcare and the prophylaxis of athlete’s foot.

Cutasept® feet vitalizing freshness for tired feet helps to prevent athlete's foot acts reliably in 30 seconds against fungi, fungi spores and bacteria skin friendly, fragrance- and colourant-free Areas of application

There is always a risk of catching athlete’s foot when people go barefoot or without shoes in areas such as washrooms and shower rooms swimming pools saunas changing rooms fitness studios solaria hotel rooms

In addition: in case the same footwear, such as rubber boots, work shoes, gym shoes, is worn for a prolonged period in case the same socks are worn for a prolonged period. in case footwear is hired, e.g. bowling shoes, ski-boots, etc.

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3 PCS of Cutasept Feet 250 ml CAEPER!
-31,18 €
29,00 € 60,18 € You Save: 31,18 €
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